Attorney Spotlight with Danielle Easton

Danielle Easton's practice focuses on labor and employment and civil litigation, specifically insurance defense. Prior to joining the firm as an Associate, Danielle worked at Mansour Gavin as a law clerk, externed at the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, and clerked for former Eighth District Court of Appeals Judge Tim McCormack.
Can you tell us about your background and how you made the decision to become an attorney?
Essentially, I always had a feeling I would be an attorney and I just let myself figure out why along the way. My high school English teacher had us research future careers and I just happened to stumble upon attorneys. The only thing I knew about attorneys was from television, as no one else in my family is an attorney. I picked it and when I got to college, I told my advisor I wanted to be pre-law so I could be an attorney. My college courses gave me a better understanding of what the career was about and I also interned for the public defender’s office and then the prosecutor’s office. I enjoyed those experiences and decided to pursue law school.
Unsure of what area of law I wanted to focus on, my exposure to different areas my first year allowed me to determine that I really liked writing and torts. After my first year, I joined Mansour Gavin as a law clerk, where I discovered my knack for brief writing and litigation. After law school, I was then given the opportunity to  join the firm as an associate.
How did law school change you for the better?
Law school taught me how to write, act, and think like a lawyer. It helped sharpen my critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. It also helped me learn the value of hard work and the outcomes you can achieve if you just keep grinding through a tough situation.
Do you have any words of wisdom for law students generally as they navigate their career search?
Do not chase the money. Most of the people who tell me that they hate their job also say that they originally started it just for the money. Additionally, interviews are not just a law firm deciding if they want to hire you, you are also deciding if you want to work for them. Do not underestimate the value of working for a law firm that sees you as a person, instead of just billable hours.
What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is solving challenging problems. I love getting a new interesting assignment and thinking of creative ways to solve it. I also really enjoy drafting arguments in briefs and responding to opposition. Sometimes drafting a brief in a really contentious case will give me a boost of adrenaline!
What do you think your profession would be if you weren’t a lawyer?
I think I would be a social worker because I enjoy helping people out of a difficult situation. I understand that lawyers do that as well because our clients come to us to solve difficult legal problems. Social workers are problem solvers too and I admire them for the work they do. Now that I am getting settled in my career, I am looking for more ways that I can help people such as pro bono work.
What is on your bucket list?
I would like to travel the world. I have been to New York City, Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, Boston, and Rome but there are still many more places I would like to visit! When this pandemic is over, I want to visit London, Paris, Amsterdam, Australia and so many more places eventually.

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