Ask the Attorney: Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Q: Since medical marijuana is now legal in Ohio, as an employer, can I enforce our drug-free workplace policy against employees who are impaired at work even though they are lawfully using it?

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Breaking the Stereotype: Medical Marijuana

The war on marijuana began in the 1960s and culminated in the Drug Abuse and Prevention Act of 1970 signed by Richard Nixon. Today the drug remains a Schedule I drug, alongside heroin, cocaine and LSD, pursuant to the federal Controlled Substances

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Medical Marijuana in Ohio: Where are We Now?

More than a year has passed since Governor Kasich signed House Bill 523, legalizing medical marijuana (MMJ) in Ohio and making our state the 25th to adopt such a program. At the time, those interested in getting involved — as a cultivator,

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Recreational Activities Defense Still Applies to Children Under the Age of 7

The recreational activities doctrine has long held that individuals engaging in recreational or sports activities assume the ordinary risks of the activity and cannot recover for any injury unless it can be shown that the defendant’s actions were

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