The Problem with Do it Yourself Online Wills

Access to free or inexpensive products and services on the internet is not a new phenomenon. We all try to remember the old adage that “sometimes you get exactly what you pay for” but when tempted with what looks like a really great deal, we tend to

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The Effect of Rent Concessions and Lease Agreements

Lockdowns, rising infections of COVID-19 and decreased earnings have taken a toll on businesses’ balance sheets. In the short term, consumers have tightened purse strings and enterprises are weathering an economic slowdown. An offshoot of the

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Attorney Spotlight with Tatyana Pishnyak

Tatyana Pishnyak is a member of the firm’s Business and Corporate Law group, focusing on mergers and acquisitions.

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PPP Loans and M&A

Small business owners considering selling their business should be aware of the Procedural Notice No. 5000-20057 (the “Notice”) issued by the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) on October 2, 2020. According to the Notice, prior to selling more

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Can Employers Require Employees to get a Vaccination

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape the workforce and present uncertainty and unique challenges to employers and employees. With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccination comes another difficult question that both employers and employees face:

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