What Should Employers Consider in Their Return to Work Policies?

As employers begin re-opening their businesses, they must plan, prepare, and respond to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 to ensure a safe workplace for their employees. How employers respond to the COVID-19 pandemic could minimize their potential for

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The Dawn of the New NAFTA

July 1, 2020 marks the beginning of a new era of free trade in North America under the United States-Canada-Mexico Agreement ("USMCA").

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Business interruption insurance claims During COVID-19

In dealing with the financial impact of COVID-19, many businesses are looking to their insurance companies for assistance. Commercial insurance policies can cover certain events that cause temporary interruption in the normal course of business,

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Asian American Discrimination in the Wake of Covid-19

When extraordinary circumstances arise, it seems people often look for a scapegoat to wrongfully place blame. We have seen discrimination of this type demonstrated against people of Middle Eastern descent following the terrorist attacks of September

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