Drug Testing in the Workplace

OSHA’s general duty clause requires an employer to provide employees with employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees. A drug [… read more]

3 Ways to mitigate risk and avoid legal liability during an interview

Interviewing is one of the hardest tasks for companies because we do not have a crystal ball to tell us which candidate to hire, or who will be the most productive in our work environment. Conducting a thoughtful, structured interview can help us [… read more]

Rotondo v. JPMorgan Chase Ruling Encourages Gender-Neutral Policies in the Workplace

In 2016, Derek Rotondo requested paid parental leave from his employer, JPMorgan Chase. He claims he was told that in most cases, only primary caregivers (presumably mothers) are eligible for the full 16 weeks of parental leave, and that he would

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HR Compliance: How To Be Prepared in the Era of #MeToo

In large part due to the #MeToo social media movement, the issue of workplace sexual harassment is trending.  Now is the time for employers to ensure that they are in compliance with federal and state laws prohibiting workplace discrimination,

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Arbitration Agreements, Class Action Lawsuits, and the Supreme Court’s Ruling

The Supreme Court of the United States recently issued a major decision in the case Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis that upholds the rights of employers to require its employees to pursue individual arbitration for resolving employment disputes.

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Ask the Attorney – Rescinding an Offer Based Upon a Recent Conviction for Violent Crime

Q:       We received a background check on a candidate that showed a recent conviction for violent crime.  Do we have to tell him that the background check report is why we are rescinding his offer of employment?

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General Counsel of NLRB offers Employers Relief on Handbook Rules and Policies


Continuing an effort to reverse or modify many of the employee and union-friendly policies promulgated by his predecessor, the NLRB’s General Counsel, Peter Robb, announced new guidance on handbook rules and policies following the NLRB’s

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Ask the Attorney: Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Q: Since medical marijuana is now legal in Ohio, as an employer, can I enforce our drug-free workplace policy against employees who are impaired at work even though they are lawfully using it?

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